Foto general de la vitrina

Stone mating camelids. Cultura Inka, Andes Centrales, 1200 – 1535 d.C. 5 cm (alto), MCHAP 3337.

Ritual “mesa” with different offerings on an “altar-cloth” (inkuña). Camelid fiber, sugar, confetti, incense, metal, animal fat and other materials. Cultura Aymara, Bolivia. 32 cm (diám.), MCHAP MO-6.

Contracts with the gods

The herder way of life relies upon the multiplication of their herds, so they carried out any actions that would ensure the reproduction of their llamas.

Figurines of small llamas in a variety of materials, llama fetuses, and offerings of incense, shells, minerals and alcoholic beverages ensured good relations with the gods that were responsible for multiplying their herds. The offerings were made through mesas –ritual offerings—and alasitas—miniature figurines that expressed the supplicant’s wishes.